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Redstone Payment Solutions – Nationwide, LLC – Credit Card Processing in Bergen County NJ & Credit Card Processing in Passaic County NJ

It can be hard for businesses to know which credit card processor provider to choose but it is an essential part of running a business in today’s times. Businesses who are not able to process credit cards will lose customers. Customers expect most places to be able to swipe their card to pay, making the process, quicker, easier and therefore a lot more convenient.

The times of people having money on them in the form of actual cash have long gone. Debit cards and credit cards are the preferred methods of payment and people will opt to not buy from a business if they can get what they want elsewhere, with their cards. That is where Redstone Nationwide can help. We can act as your provider of credit card processing in Bergen County NJ, or anywhere in the country. Here are some excellent reasons why you should choose to use us over anyone else.

Redstone Payment Solutions Nationwide, LLC versus other providers

It has been suggested that a rough estimate is an increased revenue by between 500 and 700 percent when you have the ability to process cards. When selecting a provider, whether you need credit card processing in Passaic County NJ or anywhere else, you need to look for a company with a good reputation, fair prices, and good service and support. That is exactly what Redstone Nationwide can offer.

Different card processors will have different fees for different things, but common ones include application fees, transaction fees, monthly fees, per charge fees and others. If you take a closer look at our company’s site you will see in comparison to most other companies overall we charge less.

We do not charge an application fee, authorization fees for us are avoidable, charge back fees are on par with other providers as are processing fees. But we are also proud to say we do not charge programming or re-programming fees, a setup fee, and our transaction fee is less than our competition.

Credit Card Processing

Finding the right equipment for your business

Credit card processing in Bergen County NJ and beyond is easy with Redstone Nationwide. We help you find the right equipment for the kind of business you have, from small home businesses to software and processing equipment, and we will not charge a penalty if you need to switch processors in the middle of your equipment lease.

Whether you are a physical store needing actual terminals or you sell online and need options like a gateway provider, whatever size your business is, using Redstone Nationwide as your provider just makes great business sense.


From credit card processing in Passaic County NJ to processing across the country, our company can offer excellent prices, very competitive fees, great 24/7 support and we have experience with thousands of other customers who are happy to be with us. Make sure you maximize your revenue, keep customers happy and coming back by having the right credit card processing capability.