Select the Right Equipment

What kind of business do you own?

1Small Home Business
Small home businesses, seasonally operated businesses, trade show or other temporary location businesses don't have to miss profitable credit card sales nor do you have to purchase or lease expensive equipment! With all merchant accounts, you have the ability to transmit your transaction with any available touch tone phone (PCS, cellular, or, pay phone) to obtain authorization and automatically deposit funds. A higher per transaction charge applies using this transmission method. It is appropriate for small business only and allows for no record keeping. All banks do not allow for this type of processing.
2Processing Equipment and Software
Many banks have proprietary equipment or software they require you to use with their system. All our processing banks support a variety of equipment and software brands, including most major manufacturers. Terminals and Software such as Clover POS, Aloha, PC Authorize, IC Verify, Verifone, FD130 VX520 PAXS80, Dejavoo, and pin pads if needed. Available hardware is either new or refurbished. Our company does not sell refurbished as new! Hardware and software warranties vary per manufacturer. We will give 3-6 months payout with no interest
3Equipment for 2 Merchant Accounts
If you desire two separate merchant accounts to handle different product offerings, or two separate businesses, you don't need duplicate equipment. The Trans380X2 is one terminal that serves two separate merchant accounts even if the deposit accounts are in different banks.
5Processor Switching - No Penalty
Many processing banks will penalize you for switching processors during the term of your equipment lease. This is typically a task that can be handled rapidly and should incur no additional charges.

Your options for obtaining equipment include purchase, lease, purchase buyout at the end of the lease, or rent–to–own. Each provide specific benefits to meet your needs. Your lease term should not exceed the warranty period, unless you are willing to accept potential service charges late in your lease.

The RPS Merchant Account Kit

The Merchant Account Kit contains everything the merchant needs to get established quickly and effectively. The company helps retailers determine requirement, compare offerings, then offers a proposal that optimizes cash flow while protecting the privacy of the consumer

Merchant Kit Contains:

  • Card application forms for VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover Card
  • Analysis and evaluation of products and services that help you select the right program for your transactions
  • Special e-commerce capability, with real-time processing option
  • Integration with current website
  • Integration with overall marketing program

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