Visa MasterCard Processing

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Redstone Payment Solutions – Nationwide, LLC – Visa MasterCard Processing in Bergen County NJ & Visa MasterCard Processing in Passaic County NJ

Where once it was more common for customers to pay for services or goods with cash, today it is more common to pay with debit or credit cards, also known as a CC transaction. There was a time when the only or main credit card processing service providers were banks.

But now in the age of the internet and with strides made in technology, there are third parties, like RPS (Redstone Payment Solutions – Nationwide, LLC) able to offer the same or even better services at more affordable rates. Whether it is visa MasterCard processing in Bergen County NJ, elsewhere in NJ or even elsewhere in the country, Redstone Nationwide is a great option.

What you should find in a good CCP service

• Attractive rates and no hidden costs
• Software and hardware compatibility
• Online shopping cart application support
• How quickly funds are available
• The hardware that you need
• Excellent customer support
• Accepted cards should include the four main ones, visa MasterCard processing in Passaic County NJ as well as American Express and Discover

Market Rates Vary

There are a number of fees that come with credit card processing, and some companies charge more than others. At Redstone Nationwide, we are proud to say our fees are very competitive and fair. You will not get hit with hidden costs, and all of the fees are either at the same level as the competition or lower. You will save money with us.

Should you find someone offering similar or better, we will meet it or beat it. We also do not charge a cancellation fee. We want you to stay with us because you see we are one of the best in the market, not because you are worried about a charge for leaving!

Visa MasterCard Processing

Software and Hardware Compatibility

Of course, as much as we all like a good price and low fees, there are other things to consider. A system that works with existing hardware, software that can be made compatible with your existing website. Online shopping is a large part of sales and most savvy businesses have either both a bricks and mortar store as well as an online presence or possibly are just online. That means visa MasterCard processing in Passaic County NJ can be done online as well as at the store.

Redstone Nationwide can offer integration with both Google Pay and Apple Pay to businesses who need it. We also like to make things easier for you by taking deposits and processing them as the whole amount rather than taking out charges from every deposit. Then the whole discount charges are deducted at the end of the month. This means when it comes to balancing the books, things are a lot easier to work on.

Customer Service

Customers needing visa MasterCard processing in Bergen County NJ and those needing it elsewhere in the US can get 24/7 support from RPS. That is not the case with other processors and it is certainly not the case with the chairman of a large bank! You can reach your personal account manager by phone, or a number of other contact options, at any time. During work hours and after.