Redstone Payment Solutions - Nationwide, LLC provides low-cost merchant services to thousands of merchant’s nationwide and we want to serve you! To prove it:

Why pay more to get less?

The Most Competitive Processing Rates


Your Redstone Nationwide representative will assist you in determining how much you are really paying for processing fees.

Most processors have “hidden costs” that will reduce your company’s profitability.

Redstone Nationwide will highlight these unnecessary charges and ensure that your company is maximizing its profitability while enhancing your expectations for prompt service.


Redstone Nationwide's "personal account manager", will assist you at any time for questions or issues that may come up with your merchant account.

Your personal account manager can assist with charge backs, retrieval requests, training, and equipment operation.

In addition to 24/7 customer service, our account managers will give you their home phone numbers!! Ask the Chairman of "Big Bank USA" to provide his home phone number for service on a Sunday!

Additional benefits include:

  • Daily manual or automatic batch closings.
  • Integrations with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Local, quality customer service available 7 days a week.
  • Deposits are processed as a gross amount instead of a net amount ("less the discount charges)." Gross dollars deposits make your life easier! At month-end; discount charges are deducted, making balancing & reconciliation simple.
  • Redstone Nationwide has no cancellation fee. EVER!
  • Redstone Nationwide offers check guarantees and debit card processing as well.

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Why Redstone Nationwide?

Most credit card processing companies are "third party" processors, which are more expensive and less flexible in the range of services and pricing they are able to provide.

Redstone Nationwide is a direct credit card processor. Because of our direct relationship we offer more competitive pricing because we eliminate the “middleman”.

An Redstone Nationwide representative will show you how much you are really paying for processing fees. Many hidden costs exist that will diminish your company's profitability.