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Switch your business to low cost debit and credit card payment processing! Redstone Payment Solutions Nationwide, LLC will lower or eliminate excess merchant account fees so you can reinvest in your business and hold on to your profits.

Pricing & Fee Comparison Among Processing Organizations

Typical Fee CategoriesOther CompaniesRedstone Nationwide
Application Feeup to $200 NONE
Authorization Fee (Amex & Discover)per transaction Avoidable
Chargeback Fee$15-25 per transaction $15-25
Minimum Processing Fee$5-25 per month $0
Programming Feeup to $250 NONE
Re-programming Feeup to $250 NONE
Setup Feeup to $250 NONE
Statement Fee$9-12 per month $0-12 per month
Transaction fee.10-.35 per transaction 0-.25 per transaction

How Many Different Rates Are There?

The discount rate is the percentage of a sale that goes towards paying debit and credit card processing fees. Ask us about absolutely NO FEES for merchants!

Rates vary based on the criteria presented below.

  • Qualified Rate – Card present at the time of transaction. (Retail)
  • Mid–Qualified Rate – Card Not Present. (Internet, mail, catalog)
  • Non–Qualified Rate – Corporate, Government and International Cards.