Choosing the Right Payment Processor for Your Restaurant Business: Key Factors to Consider

How do I accept credit card payments at my restaurant? To accept credit card payments, you need credit card processing companies or a merchant account provider that can facilitate the transaction process. They will provide you with the necessary equipment, such as credit card readers or a payment terminal, and handle the communication with the … Read more

How Payment Processors Can Reduce Risk and Costs for Your Business

It turns out that credit card processors can lower risk and expense for businesses, which will eventually boost profits while keeping private data safe and sound. Some of the advantages of working with the right payment processor include effective anti-fraud safeguards, adhering to legal requirements, and handling chargeback claims.  When reviewing the merchant service accounts … Read more

Small Business, Big Benefits: What Makes a Payment Processor the Best Choice for Your Company?

We’ll look at the main criteria that make a payment processor the best option for small business. When choosing a payment processor to suit the particular requirements of your small business, we’ll show you what to look for from affordable fees and rates to security and fraud protection. Competitive Fees and Rates When balancing your … Read more

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

the transaction cycle The customer presents a card to the merchant for purchase of goods or services after the card is swiped or entered into the point of sale software the processor sends out for authorization through the payment processing network. The issuing bank approves or declines the transaction based on funds available. The transaction … Read more

What is Credit Card Fraud and How Do You Minimize It?

You can sometimes identify those kind of transactions being shipped to a warehouse or being shipped to a big apartment building. Often, the billing address entered during checkout doesn’t match the billing on file for the card holder and this is something that’s more easily identifiable. This is called an AVS (address verification service) mismatch … Read more

PCI Compliance And Why It’s Important

Why PCI Compliance Is Important? For most of the merchants we fulfill the requirement of the questionnaire that you fill out annually by saving your answers for the following year. A third party company does PCI compliance for credit card payment processors by doing a scan of the system. PCI compliance can affect your business … Read more

Credit Card Payment Processing; The Top Benefits Of Switching To Redstone Payment Solutions

Redstone Payment Solutions Nationwide merchant services has grown organically in the New Jersey area and a lot of that rapid growth has come from our approach to the marketplace. We take relationships seriously. All banks say that relationships are important but we really walk the walk and talk to talk when it comes to that. … Read more

What Does It Cost You To Accept Credit Cards And Wait To Get Paid?

What’s Confusing About Merchant Services Account Agreements? “Merchants need an experienced accountant to understand the rate structure,” Bergman said. “The merchant needs to be interested in saving money and have patience so that it can be explained thoroughly.” The often-confusing credit card rules have always attracted considerable attention in Washington, however most legislation in the … Read more