How Can I Accept a Credit Card Payment From Someone?

We will explore different methods to accept payments, including how to accept credit cards online – a feature that has become increasingly important in our evolving e-commerce landscape. Credit card processing fees are a crucial aspect to consider when choosing your payment service provider. Understanding these fees is key to managing your costs and ensuring … Read more

Credit card transaction payment data explained – the benefits of knowing payment data analytics

Whether you are a business owner who is interested in getting started with a credit card payment processor, or someone who has been accepting credit and debit card payments at their company for many years, payment analytics can reveal significant details about your customers’ preferred payment methods and the associated payment costs. Explore the concept … Read more

What Is A Merchant Number And Why Do You Need One?

This number not only helps in identifying your business during transactions but also assists in keeping track of sales, refunds, chargebacks, and more. Understanding its importance can help streamline your operations and lead to more efficient management of your payment processes. You can optimize your payment processing with Redstone Payment Solutions Nationwide. As a leading … Read more

How Payment Processors Can Reduce Risk and Costs for Your Business

It turns out that credit card processors can lower risk and expense for businesses, which will eventually boost profits while keeping private data safe and sound. Some of the advantages of working with the right payment processor include effective anti-fraud safeguards, adhering to legal requirements, and handling chargeback claims.  When reviewing the merchant service accounts … Read more

How Does Credit Card Processing Work?

the transaction cycle The customer presents a card to the merchant for purchase of goods or services after the card is swiped or entered into the point of sale software the processor sends out for authorization through the payment processing network. The issuing bank approves or declines the transaction based on funds available. The transaction … Read more

How To Avoid Chargebacks And Associated Penalties

If you have to take that card and key the transaction in it’s usually a higher cost for you to accept that card because there is additional risk involved. In this case, even though it may be a face-to-face environment, you will be keying it in so it looks as if it was a transaction … Read more

Five Red Flags Of Fraud And What You Should Look For

When fraudsters buy something with a stolen credit card, they obviously won’t ship the product they purchase to the actual credit card holder so they’ll need to find an address where to ship the merchandise. Typically, they don’t want to ship it to their house in case there’s an investigation they don’t want anyone to … Read more

What is Credit Card Fraud and How Do You Minimize It?

You can sometimes identify those kind of transactions being shipped to a warehouse or being shipped to a big apartment building. Often, the billing address entered during checkout doesn’t match the billing on file for the card holder and this is something that’s more easily identifiable. This is called an AVS (address verification service) mismatch … Read more